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WE ARE HIRING! Being the largest Plumbing and related service provider in all of Ventura and Los Angeles County, Lloyd’s Plumbing offers multiple career options for young and determined people of the community to take part and indulge themselves into an honest and enjoyable working environment we offer here at Lloyd’s Plumbing. We provide high-quality plumbing services in Ventura County and Los Angeles County.

Working For Lloyd’s Plumbing

If you are interested in seeking a professional career as a licensed plumber and spread your reach to multiple contracts and opportunities, then look no more other than applying at Lloyd’s Plumbing. We can promise you a lucrative, energetic and entertaining career with lots of flexibility and ease. Working with us could take you a step forward in achieving your career goals and personal ambitions. We are open to any professional assistance regarding plumbing and home service maintenance. We help our customers in installation, repairing or constant support of the various plumbing related items and tech gadgets.
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The plumbing field is an attractive and superb business with a lot of advanced career options and a chance to go exclusive and provide your services to a vast community. Therefore, the benefits and salaries we are offering can be very beneficial for you during the start of your career, and as you continue to stead forward in your job both the payroll as well as the benefits start to increase in number.

Why should I want to work at Lloyd’s Plumbing?

Various reasons will convince you of working with us for starters

Rotating Schedule

we are always looking forward to giving our workers the ultimate relaxation which they deserve that is why rotating schedules will help them take care of work and home life and find a balance as well.

Incredible Benefits

we offer multiple benefits to our employees to name a few they will be health/dental/vision insurance, paid time off and life insurance along with free uniforms and other various treats as well.

Trusted Services

Many house owners or other commercial customers might not trust a plumber enough to allow them for taking a personal visit at their home for speculating the problem. But that is not the issue with Lloyd’s Plumbing because we offer completely trusted and sophisticated services to our customers. We keep it utterly professional and humble at our customer’s home, so they don’t have any complaint with our services.

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Amazing coworkers

the workers that work with us very lovely and surprising and due to the fantastic culture you will find them very much friendly.

Fun meetings

our meetings are fun, informational and energetic; we try to update our content to provide fantastic and friendly challenges to the workers as well.

Get the RESPECT & CAREER you deserve.

Lloyd’s Plumbing is looking forward to finding the quality people who are willing to make a difference to the community and provide outstanding services to the Ventura and Los Angeles County. We prefer dedication and honesty more than any experience at all, because if you qualify with these two things, then we are willing to provide Paid training to make you compatible and professional in the field.

When you are the part of Lloyd’s Plumbing, you can make real money along with building your career skills and doing the work which resonates with your career. We are willing to provide you with all the required infrastructure and tools you need to excel in your job and provide quality service to the customers.

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Apply Today!

Apply today and be a part of a better community working with Lloyd’s Plumbing, we are looking forward to working with you and hire you so you can make a difference in the city and start your career.