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Garbage Disposal system is the most convenient and crucial regulatory system in your home for waste management. It helps in significant ways, processing of the waste materials in a sophisticated way so that they remain out of the landfills thus serving nature and helping to keep the environment clean and healthy. But as it happens there could be multiple anomalies and problems could arise during the continuous use of Garage Disposal and it might need repair and maintenance that is where Lloyd’s Plumbing can help you. Whether you need garbage disposal repair, replacement or installation, we can help.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Troubleshooting

When your garbage disposal is out of order, there could be multiple reasons behind it such as it is cracked and leaking, clogged or quietly not working that is why we can help you with your garbage disposal repair. Repair the garbage disposal issues; it is essential to know the root of the problem firsts, our team of professionals can help you in this regard. Following scenarios might occur, and possible troubleshooting is also listed below;

  • Either it is not turning on—Power issues
  • The disposal drain not working—either it is jammed or clogged
  • Water spilling—Excessive leakage
  • Excessive Noise—there might be some debris or any other material causing the noise of your appliance

The most optimum troubleshooting tactic for you would be to contact the professionals and benefit from their support. We can help you with almost any fundamental or complex problem you are facing with your Garbage disposal. Enjoy the best of the services and get the job done in a sophisticated way.

We offer our repair services for the following types of garbage disposals for you:

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

The constant feed as the name implies work on consistently without having any pause, the waste material is fed, and it keeps on processing it. The rubber shield contains the food within the units this helps the whole operation go more smoothly without making any excessive noise.

Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

These types of garbage disposal work only when the lid is closed, and the destruction fully covered, they take more time for their installation, but they are great for use primarily in those homes with children or those users who prefer a sophisticated level of safety for them.

Common Garbage Disposal Issues we Repair

No power

It can happen due to a power surge such as a circuit breaker is out of order or garbage disposal not working on just due to power cord is broken, our technicians will take care of this for you, and everything would be as good as new.

Jammed or Clogged

Another scenario might be that your garbage disposal is not spinning basically due to acclimation of debris which has clogged it all. Try removing the clog by using drain snake or our experts can help


If you ever happen to be witness leaking or excessive spilling of water, then the chances are that you have got a loose end in fitting or a rubber gasket needs replacement. Consider using our professional repairs for your garbage disposal.

Excessive Noise

If this seems to be the problem with your garbage disposal, then the only viable reason is that some piece of the body is broken and is causing excessive noise. Although broken or loose screws might also be the case. Contacts us now and we will send a response team right away to solve the problem for you.

Your Garbage disposal stopped working?

Garbage disposal systems are incredibly delicate and are only designed to process the food items and food items just if you try to feed it something else which it can’t grind then it is likely going to stop working at all. If you are having the same problem as “my garbage disposal stopped working” then the primary reasons behind this problem is that the motor used in the garbage disposal systems are just not that powerful. If something different subject such as a metal spoon or any other thing which it can’t grind it will go out, either the motor will be busted, or overload will cause the fuses to melt.
Therefore, don’t ever feed it anything other than food materials only, also be careful what other things go along in there with the food items.
Garbage disposal stopped working


Your Garbage disposal is clogged?

Clogging is an entirely different factor; it is not as same as jamming or a power failure. Every garbage disposal needs continuous maintenance and effective cleaning regularly otherwise the debris will start to accumulate and form a large clump or cause clogging. The large piece then doesn’t permit the flow of the waste material through it causing the temporary or permanent blockage of the drains, and your garbage disposal goes out of the order.

The best possible scenario for your garbage disposal to have no clogging at all is to clean it regularly and to use hot water during the cleaning; it will break down the large clumps and make them easy to transport.

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How to fix a badly jammed garbage disposal?

The garbage disposal can be made clear of the obstructions using the following procedures;


Turn off the power to the disposer and also make sure that plug is removed from the socket to ensure that not short-circuiting happens. After you have done that reach out to the hex shaped hole in the bottom of the disposer.


Using the hex-head Allen wrench turns the motor’s shaft first counterclockwise and then clockwise to make the obstruction dislodged. Make sure that the motor spins freely if still the engine doesn’t spin then move towards step 3.


If the motor is still jammed, then it means that you need a particular professional approach to solve the issue or first you can use the special garbage disposer wrench. Take the wrench inside the disposer until its jaws get fixed with cutter bolt. Now force the wrench into a counterclockwise direction then clockwise until the motor spins freely. Now, attach the power cord and check the operation of your garbage disposal.

But if the problem persists then Lloyd’s plumbing can help you in this regard by sending our professionals to get it all fixed for you.

Trust the Garbage Disposal Repair Experts

When you are having issues with your garbage disposal, then you can contact us, and we will be right there to fix the problem for you. Our experts are qualified, professional and years of experience in the field. We can check maintenance, do the installation as well as entertain you with any disposal repair. Rest assured all your problems in concern with the garbage disposal can be solved with just a simple visit from us.
So, if there is any problem like buzzing, excessive noise, sink disposal not working or power issue then they will be taken care of with utmost professional and sophisticated approach.
Trust the Garbage Disposal Repair Experts

Why call Lloyd’s plumbing for garbage disposal repair?

Fast and Friendly service

We value your time and understand the fact that it is essential for you to take care of other tasks as well; therefore we will arrange an appointment which suits with your schedule and visits you at the said time and date.

Professional and competent workers

We have the most professional and able workers who are not only expert in the field but very friendly and flexible at the same time. It is our priority to provide you with excellent repair services for your garbage disposal, and your satisfaction is essential for us.


We are a 100% environment-friendly company and have a high appreciation of nature. Therefore, we take care of the hygiene of our workers and equipment as well. Proper worker apparels have given to the workers, and they are advised to clean the place after the repair with satisfaction so that you received excellent service from us.

Licensed Experts

Lloyd’s Plumbing is a certified and licensed company working with top licensed and certified professionals to serve your needs. Contact us today and have an excellent job with your garbage disposal repair.