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Whether you live in Oak Park or anywhere in Southern California, Lloyd’s Plumbing company offers commercial and residential plumbing services. Our experienced staff is dedicated to delivering high-quality plumbing repairs and installation services at a reasonable price for your home or business. We provide 24-hour emergency plumber services for drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, water heater, toilet repair, garbage disposal, and more. When you want a company you can trust, call Lloyd’s Plumbing and rooter service in Oak Park, CA.

Are you looking for a Plumber in the Oak Park, CA area?

There are lot of plumbing repair and maintenance companies in and around Oak Park that say they can competently and reliably maintain, clean, service and rebuild your residential plumbing & commercial plumbing systems. But the truth is, very few of them can do all of these professionally, reliably, and safely, like Lloyd’s Plumbing has been doing for over fifty years.

For those in Oak Park, you can find a professional plumbing service company at a very reasonable rate. Lloyd’s Plumbing is a licensed and insured plumbing and repair service. Lloyd’s Plumbing is a family-owned business and has been providing excellent service to our customers for over 50 years. Our plumbing staff provides maintenance and plumbing services for homes, condos, schools, municipal agencies, and all types of commercial buildings.

Oak Park, CA Most Trusted Drain Cleaning & Rooter Services Including:

Lloyd’s Plumbing 24/7 Trusted Plumber Company in Oak Park, CA – (805) 495-8766 – Fast & Local.

24/7 Emergency Plumber Services

Lloyd’s Plumbing is a Trusted Plumber Company. Our highly professional plumbers are ready to serve you 24 hours Service in Ventura county and Los angeles county.

Residential Plumber Services

Lloyd’s Plumbing provides a full complement of plumbing installation, maintenance, replacement and full repair services for Residential Home owners.

Commercial Plumber Services

If you are looking a Plumbing company for commercial buildings, we provide all Plumbing services plus a few more that are specific to the commercial market.

Oak Park Residential and Commercial Plumber – Plumbing Services in Oak Park, CA

At Lloyds plumbing in Oak Park, we offer commercial as well as residential plumbing services. Our professional workers will reach you in no time to save you from all plumbing problems and issues.

Plumbing installations in Oak Park, CA

At Oak Park, our plumbers work very professionally to install Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters, Hybrid Water Heaters. These all are installed in residential and commercial buildings.

The water heaters installed by Lloyds in Oak Park are warranted and energy efficient water heaters. Our professional workers will arrive at your home or office, on time and fully prepared to complete the required plumbing. They are experts at removing your old water heater and replace it with the new, safe, more efficient one. We also ensure that the water heater being installed is up to the mark and passes the safety parameters of the building in Oak Park. Our plumbers will also provide you with the instructions on the temperature settings and proper usage of the water heater being installed.

Gas Line Installations and Garbage Disposals Installations are also a professional service we offer at Lloyds Plumbing. For all these installations you need a professional plumber so that you get the right fittings and maximum energy usage.

Plumbing Repair in Oak Park

Lloyd plumbers also offer plumbing repairs in Oak Park. Whether it is your toilet repair task, sewer line repair, kitchen or lawn, our professional plumbers are just a call away. The plumbing system at your house is not just a way to track water in the pipes. It is also a system that prevents your pipes and drainage system from getting stuck. It creates a barrier against the bacteria and prevents your family from getting sick. A leaking sink or a blocked drainage might not look like a big problem but it can cause serious damage to your house. The most commonly reported problems are blocked drainage and burst pipes. If you do not have a professional plumber who can detect from where the pipe has damaged it can cause damage to the walls of your house. Plumbing problems do not occur by seeing day or night. They can occur anywhere and anytime they have to occur.

A single broken pipe or tap can cause significant inconvenience for everyone living at the house and the whole routine can be disrupted. Our plumbers do not see day or night. They are always ready to deliver in such emergency services.

Plumbing Maintenance in Oak Park

We do not only offer installations and repair services but we also keep a close eye on what needs to be maintained. Our team can return during scheduled inspections once they have installed something at your house to see how it is working and what kind of maintenance it needs.

Our team will try its best to discuss openly with you any problems they may see and what options that are available to resolve it. Once our team installs the water heater, we regularly come and visit you in Oak Park for water heater maintenance.

At Lloyds, we take care of everything you have at home and treat your home respectfully.

Following are the major maintenance areas that we will cover :

Oak Park, CA Backflow maintenance

When there is a reversal of unwanted water from a possible source of contamination to the clean water supply, it can cause severe health problems. Proper plumbing systems have valves, springs and internal seals that prevent this from happening.

At Lloyds, we have backflow testing equipment and our professional plumbers can prevent backflow so that these issues can be addressed.

Testing sewer maintenance

At Lloyds, we install, repair and maintain sewer lines. We have the latest equipment and knowledge to reach the root cause of why the damage to the pipe happened and thus the right equipment to treat that damage. When needed we can expertly replace your sewer lines through several options.

Gas line maintenance

Never try to repair the gas line by yourself. Whenever you feel there is leakage in the gas line, call your plumber and he will detect where the leakage is. Lloyds also has an emergency service number (805) 495-8766, which you can use. Our highly professional plumbers are ready to serve you 24 hours, seven days per week during and emergency.

24 Hour Emergency Plumber & Rooter

Residential & Commercial Plumbing Services in Oak Park

Lloyd’s Plumbing is a company with many inhouse professional plumbers with the right expertise and skills. We have been professional plumbing services for over 50 years now in Oak Park and other adjoining areas. Lloyd’s highly professional, vigilant and hardworking plumbers are always available at Oak Park. You can call us for our professional plumbing services. The plus point is that our clients can avail the plumbing services 24 hours. This means that no matter at what time you had some plumbing disaster at your place, we will reach in no time to help you. Our plumbers at Lloyds offer a wide range of services to our residential as well as commercial customers. These services are outlined below:

Drain Cleaning Services for Bathroom, Kitchen Plumbing in Oak Park, CA

Giving comfort to our residential clients is always the top priority of Lloyds. Thus, we offer drain cleaning services for kitchen and bathroom. These services are efficient and very affordable. If your tub or sink is not draining as fast as it used to be then it must have been clogged. We are happy to unclog your clogged drain. Our plumbers will come and inspect the problem. They will unclog your kitchen and bathroom drain. Using different our professional plumbing techniques at your home will open clogged drains.

Sewer Drain Rooter Cleaning

Rooter service is also called snaking the drain. It is the most popular way to clear a drain in Oak Park While our professional plumbers work day and night to serve you, we also use a wide variety of latest equipment and methods for sewer drain cleaning. For example we use high definition colored video cameras are used to inspect the drain lines. Video line inspections help to locate water lines, corrosions, and blockages, leaking joints, offset joints and broken or damaged sewerage pipes.

Toilet Repair & Installation in Oak Park

A clogged toilet is one of the most frustrating things one can ever imagine. A toilet that won’t flush can give you a sign that something is seriously wrong with either the drain or sewerage. Clogged toilets are one of the most common requests that Lloyds Plumbing. At Lloyds, we are not surprised to hear another complaint, which is a running toilet. If your toilet is running it is a quite possible that its flapper valve is not working properly or there is another form of leak. A leaking toilet can add hundreds of dollars to your yearly water bill. This must be stopped quickly to conserve water in Oak Park. If you have an old toilet that has the manufacture date before 2014, we at Lloyds Plumbing can replace with a brand new toilet, which wastes less water in the flush but is more efficient than other older toilets.

Oak Park Slab Leak Repairs

Sometimes you can easily detect a slab leak because the water is coming straight out of the slab. At other times slab leaks go undetected for a long time because they do not display any water leaking. To treat this problem, plumbers usually try considering re-piping the area… We at Lloyds provide a full range of services for Oak Park area. If you detect there is a slab leak at your house, you can give us a call and our highly competitive workers will reach you quickly to inspect the area and repair the issue.

Water Heater Services in Oak Park, CA

Your water heater is turned on, and yet you are surprised to have cold-water bath check your water heater for any leaks or a malfunctioning heater element. For Oak Park, we provide a special opportunity and offer to reinstall, repair and maintain water heaters. Our plumbers work well with tank, tankless and hybrid heaters. Before you call us, try to find your water heater model and serial number so that we can give you the best possible solution for water heater problems. If you can’t find it, not to worry. Our plumbers can discern this upon arrival.

Gas line plumbing in Oak Park

Gas line plumbing in Oak Park is done very diligently. If you ever suspect a gas leakage from any area, it is important to address the gas line plumbing issues as soon as possible. Do not try to deal with them on your own. Gas lines can cause damage on very large scale and its results can be irreversible. It not only risks the lives of people but also the entire structure of the house. Lloyds Plumbing provides 24 hours emergency service for such plumbing needs.

Other Services

At Lloyds’ we want to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Besides plumbing and other services, we provide In-Floor Radiant Heating Systems, Energy Management Controls, Home Automation, Emergency Power Generators, Commercial sales, Engineering, Design, and Installation.

Lloyds’ at Oak Park aim to provide you with best quality products, their installation, repair, and maintenance. Our professional team of plumbers is always ready to deal with any emergency at your home and provide you comfort and peace of mind in your home.

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