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Earthquake Preparedness for Your Plumbing


Water Leak Detection

A burst pipe can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. Especially in the event of a largescale earthquake, you may not be able to get the emergency plumbing services you need. Luckily, there are smart water shut off devices that we can install that monitor your water usage and can shut off your water in the event of an emergency.

Water Heater Preparedness

Your water heater tank can store around 40-60 gallons. In the event of an earthquake strong enough to affect your water supply, your tank could be a valuable source of drinkable water. However, if your water heater tips over during the shaking, you’ll lose out on this valuable resource. Additionally, if your tank falls over, it could cause a dangerous gas leak. The solution to this problem is pretty simple. Make sure your water heater is braced and adequately supported for an earthquake. You’ll also want to use flexible gas lines as they are less likely to rupture.

Emergency Shutoff Valves

If you don’t have a smart device to turn off your water and gas, or even if you do, it doesn’t hurt to locate your emergency shutoff valves. It’s not the same in every home. In some houses, you’ll have to go outside. In others, the shutoffs are in the basement or first floor of the home. Educate the other members of your household, so they know how to turn off your gas and water in an emergency as well.

General Safety Tips

Your plumbing is only part of your earthquake preparedness. You’ll also want an emergency kit ready. Your water heater stores water, but might be inaccessible in an emergency. Keep enough water for three days for every member of your household—about a gallon per day per person. Store canned foods and high energy foods like peanut butter and trail mix. Have a first aid kit, and don’t forget about food and water for your pets! Lastly, you’ll need those little odds and ends. Things like a small fire extinguisher, flashlights, matches, a small knife, and your essential documents may not be necessary but could be vital in some scenarios.

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