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Backflow Testing and Prevention in Thousand Oaks

Keeping Your Water Clean & Safe

Your municipal and state plumbing codes typically require the installation of a backflow prevention device in most public and commercial facilities as well as residential plumbing systems for apartments, condos, and others to prevent the backflow of contaminated water into your drinking systems.

In Southern California, individual counties require all backflow prevention devices be tested and certified annually. Here at Lloyd’s Plumbing, we have a team of backflow experts that are licensed and specially trained to install, test, repair, and provide documented certification for all types of backflow prevention devices in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. Whether it’s for your own home or a residential property you manage, you can always count on us to provide you with timely and efficient backflow testing and prevention services.

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How a Backflow Preventer Helps You

Under normal circumstances, your potable water supply can maintain enough pressure to allow water to easily flow from the water source to the tap, shower, or other fixture.

However, there are times when your water pressure is greatly reduced due to:

  • A break in the water main
  • Frozen or broken pipes
  • Situations such as when there is a large fire requiring several water hydrants to be used all at once

Significant drops in water pressure in your potable water pipe may allow wastewater to be siphoned back up through the pipe into your water system, contaminating your water supply and leading to serious and even life-threatening diseases. A backflow prevention device is designed to block contaminants from getting into your water system, protecting your drinking water and your health. It allows water to flow one way through a backflow valve and then the valve closes to prevent water from flowing back through the pipe. But since backflow prevention devices are mechanical, they are subject to wear and tear and therefore need to be inspected and tested regularly to ensure they are functioning properly.

Backflow Assembly Services in Thousand Oaks

Here at Lloyd’s Plumbing, our skilled technicians can perform annual backflow testing, certification, repairs, maintenance, and installation for any type of backflow assembly system.

Some of our backflow services include:

  • Annual testing and certification
  • Device repair and replacement
  • New device installation and maintenance

Importance of Backflow Testing & Certification

Backflow valves are required to be inspected and tested by trained and certified technicians to ensure they are in compliance with the local law. Our experts can not only conduct the test properly but can also accurately assess the results of the test. Backflow testing itself is done during the device installation and annually after.

The backflow testing process is as follows:

  • We start with a visual inspection of the backflow prevention device
  • We then physically test the device by inserting a gauge into the backflow prevention valve and checking the pressure
  • Then we assess the results of the tests
  • If the backflow prevention device is working properly, we issue a certificate stating the device was tested and passed the test
  • Should your backflow prevention device not pass the annual test, we can repair it right on the spot, to ensure you receive your certificate

Backflow Repair & Replacement

When a backflow prevention device fails to work properly after testing, the device either needs to be repaired or replaced. Our backflow experts here at Lloyd’s Plumbing are skilled at backflow prevention device repair and replacement in Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Agoura Hills, or anywhere in Ventura County or Los Angeles County.

In some cases, the backflow prevention device can be repaired at a reasonable cost, but in some cases, making repairs may be more costly than replacing the entire device. In other circumstances, the backflow prevention device may simply be too worn out to repair, making replacement of the backflow preventer a necessity.

Should a repair or replacement be necessary, our technician will explain to you the problem with your device and what needs to be done to correct the problem. Once the repair or replacement is completed, a new test is done so that a certificate can be issued showing the device is now working properly.

Backflow Preventer Installation & Maintenance

Installation of a backflow prevention device is a necessary task every residential and commercial building owner might need to complete, depending on the degree of hazard that has been established by each county’s Environmental Health Department. Failure to comply with this law can result in heavy fines, and should your device fail and contaminate the water supply, you may be held liable, resulting in a loss of your business and millions of dollars spent to clean up the water supply. Lloyd’s Plumbing provides certified backflow testing services using specific county-approved procedures to ensure your device meets all of the established requirements mandated by law.

We also believe in being proactive and maintaining your backflow prevention device from failing in the first place, which is why we offer backflow maintenance services so we can identify any potential problems with your device before the device actually fails.

Lloyd's Plumbing's commitment to timely and efficient backflow testing and prevention services is reassuring for property owners and managers in Thousand Oaks. Regular testing and maintenance not only keep your property compliant with regulations but also help prevent costly and potentially dangerous water contamination incidents.

Lloyd's Plumbing's team of backflow experts plays a vital role in safeguarding the quality and safety of the water supply in Thousand Oaks. Their comprehensive services ensure that residential and commercial properties meet necessary standards and regulations. Timely and efficient service is crucial in this regard, and Lloyd's Plumbing's commitment to these qualities is a testament to their dedication to the community's well-being.

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We would certainly use Lloyd's Plumbing without hesitation in the future.

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