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3 Signs of a Sewer Line Problem

A sewer pipe sitting in a ground trench

3 Signs of a Sewer Line Problem

Your sewer line is a key component of your home plumbing system. It’s crucial that any problems are solved as soon as possible, but problems aren’t always obvious.

Here are some problems you can watch out for so your sewer line remains functional.

1. Drains Backing Up

Seeing your drains back up is never pleasant. Even if it seems your drains are flushing normally, there may be a clog deeper in your sewer line that needs to be addressed. When there is a clog from built-up debris, it’s usually a simple fix. However, clogs from invasive tree roots or other sources could prove more troublesome.

Either way drains backing up is a sign you need your drains or sewer line inspected and cleaned.

2. Smelling Sewer Gas

Sewer gas can usually be identified with a rotten egg smell and can be pretty strong when the problem is pervasive. Sewer gas smell usually means that there is a leak or break in your sewer line.

Sewer gas can also come from a dried-out p-trap. Your p-trap under your sink is built to prevent gas from coming back up the drain by creating a reservoir of water to act as a blockage. When the water dries out, there’s nothing keeping sewer gas at bay. If you smell gas near a sink or other drain, try running water for a bit and see if that helps. If not, it is likely a sewer line issue.

3. Extra-Healthy Grass

You may think bright green, lush grass is a reason for celebration (especially if it came about without effort). But this is often a sign of a sewer or septic leak. As wastewater seeps into the ground, it contains plenty of nutrients that grass can use to grow.

So if you’ve noticed a patch of grass looking “healthier” than usual, especially over where your sewer line is located, contact a professional to check on your pipe.

Sewer Line Problems Solved

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