Drain Cleaning Cost

Generally, plumbers charge hourly labor fees for fixing your clogged sinks or drains. However, there are some plumbers who may charge an extra call-out fee over their hourly labor charge. This additional charge may vary from one plumber to the next, and it also depends on where you live. The call-out fee may range anywhere between $60 and $100 while the average hourly rate of a professional plumber is typically between $100 and $150. Keep in mind that these average rates vary according to each plumbing company and their region.

Blocked drains can happen at anytime, and usually do so at the most inconvenient moments. You will need immediate plumbing assistance from a professional in these cases. If you’re calling a professional plumber for emergency services, whether on the weekends or in the wee hours of the morning, keep in mind you may have to pay an extra fee for that convenience. This is usually referred to as an emergency call-out fee, which a plumber may charge for emergency services. Of course, the service charges may vary according to the service provided.

Here is a rough idea concerning the average charges for different services: $80 to $120 for unblocking a kitchen drain or toilet, $300 to $500 for clearing a short stretch of your blocked or clogged drain, $1000 to $3000 for replacing a portion of drainage piping, and $5000 to $20,000 for replacing the entire drainage system of your house To get a better idea about the cost of unclogging a drain, contact your local plumbing company and ask for their specific rates or quotes for the particular services you need.

How Do You Know If Your Drain Is Clogged?

Before your drainage system fails to work completely and cause a flood in your house, you’ll need to determine if your drain is clogged or not. There are different signs and symptoms that you can look for in the case of a blockage in the sink or drainage pipe. The following signs will help you figure out whether or not your drain is clogged and you need to hire a professional immediately.

» Slow Drainage:

Do you notice a very slow drainage of water through your sink, toilet, or bathtub? If so, this is an early indication of drainage issues within your plumbing system. When the waste water cannot pass through the drainage system properly, it causes the entire system to slow down. Water draining more slowly through sink or toilet can be due to a blockage somewhere in your pipeline. Oftentimes thick layers of soap, grease, or grime can constrict the diameter of the drainage pipe.

» Stinky Odor:

If your drain is clogged or partially blocked, you will probably encounter a stinky odor or unpleasant smell. This is one of the major signs of a clogged drain. This odor is caused from several factors such as rotten food items that are still stuck in the drain or grease and grimes that is stuck in the pipeline for a long period of time. You’ll need to unclog your drain as soon as you experience strange odors coming from your sink, toilet, or bathtub.

» Water Back-Up:

This is yet another surefire sign of a clogged drainage system. If you notice that water is backing up instead of flushing out from the sink or toilet, then clogging may be the main reason. Often times, too much waste, food items, grease, or other materials going down through the drain of your sink or toilet can cause a blockage in the entire drainage system. When the water cannot pass through the pipe completely, it starts backing up.

» Gurgling Sounds:

When draining out water or any liquid, does your drain make any gurgling noises? If so, this means that there’s air trapped in the pipe. This trapped air can possibly cause build-ups in the drain caused by oil, food, and grease. Hence, when the liquid passes through the pipes, the air trapped inside is released, causing a gurgling sound. If you notice this, then your drain is most likely clogged.

If you’re facing any of the above drainage issues, then you need to call a plumber immediately. Blockage in the draining system shouldn’t be taken lightly since it can lead to severe major problems like flooding of the house, standing water, and messy bathrooms or kitchens. If you are facing these issues to any degree, then it means the clog is quite serious and requires professional assistance. Only a team of professional experts with the right equipment and tools can provide you with the best solution to your clog.

How Do Plumbers Fix Clogged Drains?

Plumbers Fix Clogged Drains
Clogged drains can be fixed by homeowners only if they’re identified at the earliest stage. Even unclogging a drain at home using acidic or homemade solutions will only provide temporary results. You need to make sure that your drain is properly cleaned and unclogged to ensure that it’s thoroughly fixed and won’t cause any future messes. If you are facing any of the telltale signs that your drain is clogged, the best thing you can do is call a professional plumber to fix it.

When you call a plumber to fix a clog, you can expect the following procedure. First off, a certified technician will inspect the whole drainage system of your kitchen or bathroom to diagnose the issue. To assess the status of a clog, plumbers use advanced technologies and equipment. Once they know the extent of a clog and where the blockage is, they will start the process of unclogging.

Most local plumbing technicians use high pressure water jets and solutions to get rid of the grease, food particles, grime, and other waste from your drainage pipe(s). With the use of these high pressure water jets, they can wash away all the grime and grease thoroughly. Typically, professionals do not use acid-based chemicals since they can have a negative impact on pipes. Once the jets clear the debris causing the clog, your plumber will use a liquid solution free of any harsh chemicals to sanitize the drainage pipe. This will ultimately ensure that the remaining residue of stubborn grease and grime gets washed away. These days, special technology allows for video cameras to look inside a drain. This provides plumbing technicians a clearer idea if there is any grease or grime in your pipes that may contribute to current and future clogs.

Plumbers Fix Clogged Drains

Call A Certified + Experienced Plumber

If you’re facing an issue that involves pipe blockages or clogged drains and are in need of the best possible solution, then you surely need to call a professional plumbing service. However, you’ll want to make sure that your local plumbing service is reliable and experienced with clearing clogs. If you find yourself requiring plumbing services in or around Ventura and Los Angeles County, consider Lloyd’s Plumbing as your local plumbing solution. We pride ourselves in offering fast and efficient plumbing services for both commercial and residential customers. We know that a clogged drainage system can be a nightmare for your house or commercial space. You’ll need to call a premium plumbing company that offers emergency services in your area to solve the matter promptly and thoroughly!

Lloyd’s Plumbing Service Offerings:

  • » Routine maintenance of your home or property’s drainage system
  • » Excellent unclogging solutions via advanced tools and equipment
  • » Repair services for clogged drains or damaged pipes that cause clogging more often
  • » Installation of new drainage systems for both commercial and residential properties


If you need a plumber that is reliable, trustworthy and fully experienced with unclogging drains and a host of other plumbing issues, contact our team today. At Lloyd’s Plumbing, we will help you get your job done professionally and efficiently. Do you have any additional questions? Speak directly with one of our staff today by calling (805) 495-8766 (Ventura County) or (818) 707-7501 (Los Angeles County)! Lloyd’s Plumbing experts serve Los Angeles County and Ventura County, including the following cities: Moorpark, Agoura Hills, Hidden Valley, Bell Canyon, Camarillo, Calabasas, Newbury Park, Oak Park, Oxnard, Ojai, Port Hueneme, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, West Hills, Westlake Village and lots of other neighborhoods. Contact us for 24/7 emergency drain cleaning services near your area.