Plumber carrying copper pipe for a plumbing repair in MoorparkAs the years go by, the pipes in many homes begin to clog from corrosion and rust.  Soon, the water pressure is at a minimum.  You may notice the shower goes cold when someone flushes the toilet, or you have discolored water coming from your faucets.  This may mean it’s time to re-pipe your house.

Re-piping is a fairly common solution for homes built using steel pipes for water.  If your house was built before 1960, chances are pretty good that you have steel pipes and will need to re-pipe.

We offer choices for re-piping, including copper re-piping and an outstanding alternative to copper.

Lloyds Plumbing Whole House Re-piping ServicesCall our office to request an appointment for a free quote.  A re-piping expert will come to your home and inspect your current plumbing to determine if you are in need.  They will assess the options and offer suggestions about the best way to proceed, along with estimate prices and information to help you decide.  Call today, and one of our friendly, helpful re-pipe professionals will be right out to help you.

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