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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Plumbing

Kitchen and bathroom renovation is something that everyone desires to have. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is the best way to increase the worth of your space. Yes, it helps you to get the charm of your place back by repairing and replacing old items in your kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen and bathroom are the two critical places in the home which demand extra care. In this case, if you are looking to hire the professional kitchen or bath remodels in Ventura County and Los Angeles, then call Lloyd’s Plumbing for a free consultation.

kitchen_renovation Kitchen Renovation

No doubt, kitchen renovation is something that enhances the overall appearance of your kitchen. It helps to upgrade the value of your home. No worry, if you want to replace the old faucets, sink, cabinets, stove, etc. Lloyds Plumbing is 24/7 available to serve you with the best kitchen renovation services.

What do we do in kitchen Renovation?

  • Old faucet replacement
  • Sink replacement
  • Location changing
  • Installation, repair, and replacement of items.
Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Plumber, Ventura County

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Bathroom Renovation Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is one of the places that exposure to heavy traffic and so the chances of wear and tear get increased. In this case, bathroom renovation can aid you in improving the worth of it. We at Lloyds Plumbing offer professional plumbing services and along with that ensure luxury bathroom renovation and remodeling.

We have a team of skilled plumbers who are trained and certified to handle the most complex bathroom remodeling projects without any problem.

What do we do in Bathroom Renovation?

  • Replace Faucet
  • Replace and install new shower head
  • Repiping and fixing
  • Sink and vanity replacement
  • Shower upgrades
  • Toilet replacement, etc.

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Why You Need a Plumber for a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel?

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is something that everyone wishes to do it by themselves. It feels good when you do something by yourself. But do you think you can handle everything? Here are the reasons why you need a plumber for kitchen and bathroom to remodel.

DIY Is Not the Solution:

Hiring a professional plumber for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling can take a lot of workload off you. You might have purchased the professional tools even those that you never used before. In this case, it can take hours, and even days to understand the right use of them. Moreover, an inexpert and non-professional approach can arise other problems which could be challenging to handle.

Help in Major Plumbing Renovations:

Kitchen and bathroom renovation is not just about selecting the cabinet colors, stove’s brand but there is a lot more work to be done. A professional plumber can help you with everything you need for Renovations.

  • Moving drain lines.
  • Install a kitchen sink and garbage disposal.
  • Install a bathroom sink and plumbing lines.
  • Add spa equipment to the bathroom.
  • Add a rainfall showerhead.

A plumber knows his stuff:

One of the main reason to hire a plumber is, he knows what he is doing for bathroom or kitchen renovation. The building codes can limit and what and how should be done to alter plumbing, for your health and safety. He knows how to keep everything up to a system and also help in filling any permits required.

Fixing co-worker’s mistakes:

When it comes to renovation, the approach should be licensed. We often go for plumbing project and find the poor installation of pipes and sink. It’s means owners paying extra money for renovations this poor installation. That’s the reason where the professional plumber comes into play and provides better work in the first place.

Full-Service Plumbing for Bath and Kitchen Remodeling

Lloyds Plumbing has been in the plumbing industry for the past many years. We are proud of ourselves to be the no.1 bath and kitchen remodeling service providers in Los Angeles County and Ventura County.

If you want to get full-service plumbing for bath and kitchen remodeling, then contact us now.

Kitchen plumbing:

We offer top-quality kitchen plumbing services to the residents of Ventura County and Los Angeles. We have a team of professional and trained plumbers at our company who are best at what they do.

Bathroom plumbing:

From faucet replacement to showerhead installation, from toilet replacement to water heater installation, our plumbers can do everything with perfection and on time.

Kitchen and bath design:

Kitchen and bathroom designing matters a lot when it comes to renovation. When the word “Renovation” comes in mind, then designing is what can create a difference. Design helps you give shape to your ideas. We assist in kitchen and bath designing.


Bathroom and kitchen faucets could be great challenging when they start dripping. However, don’t worry, we are here to replace your nasty old bathroom and kitchen faucets with the new ones.


Replacing kitchen sinks is a great and quick way to give a new look to your kitchen. We help in sinks replacement when you contact us for a kitchen renovation and do many other related tasks.


Do you have old toilets to be replaced with new ones? Call us now, and we would help you to get a new look by replacing old existing toilets with new ones.


In bathroom renovation, removing tubs from a bathroom is a labor-intensive project, don’t worry, we can fix it!


Are you Looking for showers replacement? When it comes bathroom remodeling, Lloyds strives to provide you with peace of mind by offering showers alternative.

Pipes and fixtures:

We help with dislodging material in blocked tubes, and replace faulty accessories and pipe connectors and even replace damaged exposed pipes.

Pipes and fixtures:

We help with dislodging material in blocked tubes, and replace faulty accessories and pipe connectors and even replace damaged exposed pipes.

24 Hour Emergency Plumber & Rooter

Lloyd’s Plumbing as Your Expert Kitchen and Bathroom Remodelers

Are you looking to hire professional Plumbers in Los Angeles Country or Ventura County? The no.1 professional plumbers of Lloyds Plumbing in the whole Los Angeles and Ventura County for offering quality plumbing and renovation services for bathroom and kitchen.

Why Chose Us?

Hand Picked Plumbers:

We have a team of hand-picked plumbers who know their work and qualified in handling all kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation projects with ease.

Affordable Prices:

We offer services for all! Our prices are satisfactory, and we don’t charge extra.

24/7 Assistant:

Whatever your query is, give us a call, and we would answer your questions.
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Lloyd’s Plumbing will help with all your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room remodeling needs. From rough-in water, gas and drain lines, to installing fixtures and setting the finish, we warranty our work to perform remodeling properly and on schedule.

Whether you are moving appliances, installing a new gas barbecue, or you are proceeding with an extensive home remodel, we are willing to help you with anything involving water, gas, or sewer drain plumbing.