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The Modern Plumber’s Tool Kit: How We Use Video Inspection, Leak Detection, and Hydrojetting to Get the Job Done

Hydro Jetting

Plumbers have been fixing drains and installing water appliances for decades! Still, our profession has changed a lot over time. As technology has improved, so has the efficiency with which we fix clogs, repair pipes, and detect leaks.

To give you an example of how improving technology has changed plumbing, think about sensor flush toilets. The EPA estimates that there are now about 27 million of them across the country, and they were only introduced about 20 years ago. We’ve witnessed similar technology growth with the tools we use to get the job done.

Diagnosing the Problem

Just like a doctor trying to treat a patient, the most crucial step for our plumbers is to diagnose the problem. However, since the vast majority of your pipes are going to be out of view, we have to rely on other methods to get a real idea of how we can help.

Video Camera Drain Inspection

Video inspections are a great way to understand what could be going wrong with your plumbing. We employ a small sophisticated camera that sends back footage in real-time to a viewable monitor. This allows us to get a full idea of the clogs, leaks, and mineral buildup that might be causing your plumbing issue. This eliminates the guesswork for faster and more reliable diagnoses while doing so faster and cheaper than traditional methods.

Leak Detection

Video inspections are high for clogs, but leaks can be more challenging to pinpoint. We use advanced tools to detect precisely where there is an anomaly in your plumbing. We sometimes employ technology that uses electronic currents to measure how water is flowing through the system.

Now we know what tools we need to use for the next steps based on our diagnostic processes.

Hydro Jetting

Let’s say you’re still skeptical. After all, anyone can tell that there is a clog in their drain when water won’t go down it. Instead, you decide to use a plunger or maybe even an auger, both traditional tools for a plumber. This is a great idea! We support the public taking ownership of their plumbing and solving problems as long as they are adequately equipped for it. Some clogs do go away with plungers and augers, but if the clog is deeper down, it will only clear with advanced technology like a hydro jetter.

Hydro Jetting: What is It?

Hydro jetting is the process of destroying clogs and mineral buildup via highly pressurized water. If you’ve used a pressure washer, it’s a similar idea. However, a hydro jetter can be up to ten times more powerful than the typical pressure washer you might use to clean your driveway of dirt. We’re talking about pressure up to 20,000 pounds per square inch.

This is more than enough to not only clear any clogs but also to completely clean the inside of your pipes from mineral and sediment buildup reducing the odds of clogs in the future.

Why Is It Great?

So, we know hydro jetting is powerful, but there are other reasons why it’s the best way to clear your drain. But first, pop quiz!

What is the one thing your drains are most equipped to handle?

It’s water, of course! That’s the elegance of the hydrojetting solution! You don’t have to worry about the toxic chemicals that are in commercial drain cleaners.

It’s also much quicker than other methods. When paired with our video inspection, we can pinpoint the exact problem area and clear the clog within a few minutes so that you can get on with your day.

If you take away something from this article, it’s that there’s a benefit to knowing what plumbing problems you are equipped to deal with as a homeowner and what challenges you will need a modern plumber’s toolkit to overcome.

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