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The Dangers of Toxic Commercial Drain Cleaners


The Right Way to Fix Your Drain Clog

One of the most recurring issues most homeowners face is a clogged drain. Whether it’s a slow-draining shower or a stopped-up sink, these pesky home issues can often feel as if they are never-ending. Though you might be tempted to buy the chemical store-bought cleaner and do a simple DIY, we're here to tell you that you might want to think twice.

Though chemical cleaners might appear to be the best choice for the task at hand, the truth is, they could be leading to further plumbing issues down the line.

Here’s why your drain cleaner is not your friend but actually your foe:

They Are a Quick Fix

Though there are a few chemical drain cleaners on the market, they all work the same way, by producing a chemical reaction. By giving or moving electrons to the substance (clog) it’s trying to move, a chemical reaction occurs, and heat is produced, which can, over time, soften your pipes — especially on older homes.

Not to mention, whether it’s gel or powder, you are still exposing you and your family to harsh chemicals that should only be used as directed. Proper ventilation is required, and gloves should always be worn.

Just Masking The Route of The Problem

Not only are these chemicals harsh to everything around them, but they also might not entirely fix the issue at hand. Yes, they can quickly allow water to flow through your drains again, but if the clog keeps resurfacing, you might have to take more professional measures to keep your drains free and the water flowing.

Trust A Professional

Not all drain clogs are created equal, and that’s where the professionals at Lloyds Plumbing come in. We can adequately find the source of your drain clog, and provide the best solution for you!

Rely on the experts at Lloyds Plumbing by calling us at (805) 495-8766!

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