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Why is My Toilet Leaking at the Base?

Picture of Toilet Leaking At Base

If you encounter pooling water at the base of your toilet bowl...something is not right. Do not ignore this leak, as toilet water is not sanitary and could lead to more compromising problems. When a toilet begins to leak from its base, this typically indicates that the wax rim that seals the appliance to the drainpipe has been breached. Here is what you need to do to restore safe and proper toilet function:

Test Your Toilet

First, you need to determine that your leak is actually a leak. Condensation can sometimes form on or around your toilet bowl, leading to a small pool of water at the base of your appliance. To test that your leak is coming from the appliance itself, clear the water from your floor and flush your toilet. If the water reappears, examine the hoses behind your toilet to eliminate a faulty shut-off valve or a loose water line as your cause. If the pooling water is not being sourced by either, it is time to dig deeper.

Examine Your Toilet Tee Bolts

Make sure your appliance is properly bolted to your floor. At the base of your appliance, there are two tee bolts that have wax ring seals underneath them. If these wax seals are not water-tight, your toilet bowl will leak! You’ll want to cautiously tighten these bolts to restore the proper connection between your appliance and your floor. Try flushing your toilet again! If your leak has disappeared, you are ready to move on to your next home project; however, if your bowl is still leaking, it’s time to replace your wax rings.

Replace Your Wax Ring

Failing wax rings should be replaced! If your toilet is in need of this upgrade, it is best to contact your local plumbers, as your entire toilet needs to be uninstalled for this repair. Know your handy-man limits! Do not perform DIY work if you feel uncomfortable with your ability to complete your project in an efficient and successful manner. It’s best to leave the big jobs to the pros.

For your toilet repair, contact Lloyds Plumbing at (805) 495-8766! We are practicing the proper CDC recommended protocols to ensure the safety of both our technicians and our customers!