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Keep These Items Out Of Your Kitchen Drain This Holiday Season

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Cooking for the holidays? As shelter-in-place orders are reinstated, our holiday gatherings become much smaller, leaving room for some meal interpretation and experimentation. Maybe this year you switch out your traditional holiday feast for something with an Asian twist, or maybe a Mediterranean flare? Either way, your kitchen will see an increase in activity during this time so it is important to note what can compromise your kitchen systems—especially your garbage disposal.

When you rely on your garbage disposal, and your cooking increases, there are more chances for overworking, misusing, and harming your system. It is imperative that you keep the following foods out of your kitchen drain:

Food Wrappers

When opening food items, it is recommended to do so over your kitchen trash rather than your kitchen sink, as wrapping particles can lead to drain clogs if they make their way down your disposal. From plastic to paper, foil to wax paper, all food coverings should be placed into your trash can. Be mindful when disposing of your wrappers, it is easy to accidentally rinse packaging down your sink during prep or clean-up.

Poultry & Meat Bones

Any food scraps that include bones must be kept far away from your garbage disposal. If these leftovers make their way between your garbage disposal blades while your motor is running, they can break your system completely. Even if you do get by without a broken blade or a malfunctioning motor, you will end up with a blockage at best. Avoid problematic plumbing fiascos by disposing of these food items into your trash can.

Fibrous Vegetables

Although they are not the best part of your holiday, there are some pretty incredible side dishes that feature vegetables. Fibrous vegetables such as green beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and celery all become stringy when shredded. If these food items get introduced to your garbage disposal, they can create tumble-weed-like clogs that are sure to put a halt to your celebrations. If you notice that your sink is taking a lot of time to drain, contact your local plumbers for professional drain cleaning!

Oils & Greases

Frying latkes? Make sure you clean the oil from your pan into a separate, disposable container rather than pouring it down your drain! Oil and grease will coat your pipes and cause food particles coming down your drain thereafter to stick and cause blockages throughout your plumbing. Consecutive clogging is a common result—so if you are experiencing this phenomenon, get help asap!


Although these make a great snack, cookie topping, and pecan pie, nuts are extremely dangerous for your plumbing, especially when going down your garbage disposal. Just think about what it takes to make peanut butter: nuts are chopped and spun. Your disposal mimics this process, and when nuts go down your disposal, they become a sticky paste. A paste that will threaten your water flow. If you have pooling water in your sink, it’s time to have your systems checked for clogs!


From mashed potatoes to rice pilaf, complex carbohydrates can interfere with your plumbing. As starches expand when wet, when they make their way into your piping, they will expand and grow until your entire system is obstructed. Make sure you refrain from washing these leftovers down your drains to avoid a plumbing malfunction this festive holiday!

For all of your kitchen plumbing and drain cleaning needs, contact Lloyds Plumbing at Lloyds Plumbing! We are here for your emergent needs this holiday season. Don’t hesitate to call—we are continuing to practice CDC recommended protocol to ensure our technicians and customers stay safe and healthy. Let us help you have a fiasco-free holiday!