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Hard Water’s Impact on Your Plumbing

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Hard Water and Your Plumbing

Yes, water can be hard or soft. You probably wouldn’t be able to tell just by touching it, but water that is too “hard,” or has a certain mineral content, can actually do damage to your home’s plumbing system and be uncomfortable for your daily uses.

Here’s why hard water can be such a nuisance.

Impact on Plumbing

Hard water has a greater impact on your plumbing than you may think. The extra mineral content in hard water, which accumulates as the water travels to your home, will eventually cause blockages in your pipes and throughout your fixtures. Over time, you’ll notice scale buildup around your showerhead and on your faucet.

Mineral buildup can become so bad that it even clogs your pipes. It can also enter your water heater, clogging the pipes and causing damage to the unit. Not only can buildup restrict the flow of water in your pipes, but it can eventually cause damage to the pipes, increasing the chances of a leak or break.

Other Effects of Hard Water

Outside of your plumbing system, hard water can be annoying. Hard water actually makes it harder to lather soap, so if you’ve had a tough time washing your hands, this may be why.

Hard water also changes how your clothes wash by wearing them out faster than normal. Finally, if you’ve noticed spots or a slight film on your glasses after taking them from the dishwasher, hard water may be to blame.

What You Can Do

Hard water is an easily solved problem. Water softeners are a simple way to improve your water and reduce mineral buildup throughout your home. Water softeners are different from standard filters as they use a particular process to remove the minerals causing trouble. But often these two devices are combined so you have great tasting and safe water for your whole home!

Whole-Home Water Filters Are the Answer

Lloyds Plumbing is here to get you the best quality water possible. Our water filtration services are a great choice if your water is harder than it should be. Contact us today at (805) 495-8766 to learn more and schedule an appointment.