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The Risks of a Hidden Leak

A tan ceiling next to a wood door frame with water damage and bubbles under the paint

The Risks of a Hidden Leak

When a leak is present in your home, you can often tell from the water dripping (or spraying) and wet spots in the area. But a hidden leak is possibly more dangerous because it can fester for a long time before you even notice. These leaks may be under your foundation, inside your walls, in a crawl space, and more.

Hidden leaks are dangerous because they cause water damage to the surrounding area, not to mention that you’re paying for all that wasted water. Here’s more information about hidden leaks and why you should be proactive about finding and preventing leaks in your home.

Wasted Water

Wasted water is wasted money. When you have a leak in your home, you are spending money on water that isn’t being used no matter where it is.

If you’ve noticed a spike in your water bills without changing your behavior, there is likely a hidden leak. You can also try turning off the water and watching your water meter. If the meter is running or moving, it means water is flowing, indicating a leak somewhere.

Water Damage

Even more costly than wasted water can be the water damage from the leaking pipe. Water can spread behind walls, under your floors, and more. If the leak is underneath your foundation, it can threaten the most essential part of your house’s construction. Also, untreated water stains can cause mold growth that will only continue to spread.

These risks are not something that any homeowner should take, so ensure you take the proper action if you suspect you have a hidden leak in your home.

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