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Why Your Plumbing Has Vents

A plumbing vent on the roof of a home

Why Your Plumbing Has Vents

When it comes to plumbing, we’re usually talking about water or waste, all material that flows through your pipes and helps run your day-to-day life. But there’s another aspect to your plumbing that is often overlooked: venting.

Venting is a part of your drainage system that essentially allows the whole process to function while keeping your home safe. Here’s more about venting and why it’s so important to your plumbing system.

Exchange of Air

Plumbing vents are connected to each fixture where a drain is present. The vents collect any gases and odors that are byproducts of waste and allow them to escape rather than being pushed into your home back through the drain.

The vent stack is usually located on the roof, a place where odors and gases can escape into the air. If you smell sewage near any of your drains, there may be a problem with the p-trap or your venting system. Try running some water to refill the p-trap, which may have dried out. If you continue to smell the odors, contact your local plumber for help.

Flowing Drains

The vent also allows fresh air from outside to enter the drainage system, which allows each drain to operate within the right amount of pressure. Without outside air, the flow would create a negative pressure within the pipe, causing the water sitting in your p-traps to be siphoned out. It could also create a positive pressure, pushing the water in your p-trap back up through the drain. Either of these scenarios can suggest a problem with your plumbing vents and should prompt a call to your local plumber.

Without a properly sealed p-trap, you will be vulnerable to sewer gases entering your home, which can be dangerous.

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