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Why is My Toilet Gurgling?


Why Does a Toilet Make Gurgling Sounds?

When you least expect it, there’s a chance that your toilet will make a strange gurgling sound. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your “throne” is broken beyond repair, but there are a few possible reasons why this ominous sound may be present in your lavatory; here’s what you need to know, homeowners:

Possible Reasons Why a Toilet Gurgles

There’s a Blockage in the Sewer Line

A common reason you may hear a strange, lingering gurgling sound from your toilet is that there is a blockage somewhere in your sewer line. For instance, if you flushed the wrong items down the toilet many moons ago (i.e., a slew of “flushable” wipes), there’s a chance they could be causing an obstruction.

When this happens, air escapes from the clogged pipe — making that ~wonderful~ sound — so, a toilet plunger won’t necessarily be able to do the trick. To help get to the bottom of this, you’ll have to rely on the help of a trusted plumber to clean the line and free it of any potential debris that may be causing the audible alert.

The Vent Stack Has an Obstruction

This vital piece to the plumbing puzzle helps prevent sewer gas from coming back into your home. However, if there’s an obstruction within the pipe — such as remnants from a wild animal’s nest — there’s a chance that the blockage will stop water from flowing freely and cause a slew of significant problems down the road, such as an unpleasant odor.

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