Commercial Plumbing Services

At Lloyd’s, we serve all types of commercial plumbing services with the help of our professional and licensed technicians throughout Ventura and Los Angeles County Areas. Get all your necessary commercial plumbing repairs done from the right place and never trouble yourself. Our plumbing services include backflow services, installing primary pipes, fixing or testing, maintenance, excavation and many more.

No matter where you call us or what business you have –whether if it’s a hospital, restaurant or retail center, we are always at your service for 24 hours with emergency commercial plumbing services! We are well known amongst the plumbing department to facilitate experienced workers who know how to handle the job for commercial plumbing.

Lloyd’s Plumbing provides commercial plumbing expertise in the same coverage areas as our residential customers. (Areas We Serve).   We provide the same services plus a few more that are specific to the commercial market.

Lloyd’s Plumbing offers complete Commercial Plumbing Services including:

Water jetting services

Often, the water flow and drain can slow down and cause a line blockage. The reasons might be grease, debris, dirt or sludge blocking. We use high pressured water or water jetting services to help clear out any blockage. The high pressure flushes out any obstacle in the line and breaks out sludge or debris.

Water heater repair and maintenance

For water heater repair and maintenance, it is vital to get hold of professional and experienced workers as handling this yourself could result in dangerous outcomes. The water heater repair will get you warm or hot water flowing through your pipes and into the faucet in no time. Our commercial water heater plumbing services are here to solely convenience you and provide the necessary facilities.

Sewer services

Our expert technicians can determine a plumbing problem anywhere. Sewer services help in drainage, unclogging, cleaning of sewer line and much more. Often the breakage of pipes or blockage by some unknown object can cause trouble. Tree roots can invade the line, or pipe corrosion can also be the reason for obstruction.

Bathroom fixture problems

Repair, installation, unclogging, leak repair, flushing system fix, etc. are needed for bathroom fixtures either taking place at the sink, toilet, shower or drain. We will fix any of your bathroom problems in no time and free you of any worries.

Garbage Disposals Installations and Repair

The Garbage Disposals often blocks down due to grease packing down on the blades and building up sludge. We know a fast way to clean up the mess and let the flow continue.


Whether if it’s a backflow inspection or leakage inspection, we are present to help you in any inconvenience. Just contact us, and we will check and test any issue with our unique tools and give you a suggestion on what to do about it.

Backflow services – Certified Backflow Testing and Prevention

Backflow is a necessary system to be present at any residence or commercial area. If not regularly checked, it may lead to a hazardous situation. At Lloyd’s plumbing, we take the responsibility to test and monitor the backflow system yearly and keep it maintained. If your premises need a backflow installation then worry not, our experts will be on the job with quick and effective service. We have the right backflow preventer device that will keep you notified of an issue.

Commercial Pipe service

Main plumbing issues occur from pipes. If there is an issue that has happened, then the answer lies in the tubes. Our professional technicians can determine a problem at first glance. If any particular pipe broken, leaking, corroded or clogged, we will fix it in a short time and even overnight.

Commercial Plumbing services in Ventura County and Los Angeles County

The plumbing experts at Lloyd’s are available for fixing all your plumbing problems. Whether if it concerns testing, maintenance, installation or fixture, our experienced technicians know how to do it all in a fast, effective way. Contact us as we provide services throughout Ventura and Los Angeles County areas at a 24-hour emergency plumbing service throughout the week. All our clients trust us in our work and know that we do not disappoint at any cost.

Commercial Plumbing services require an expert hand for fix all commercial plumbing needs including commercial plumbing installation, commercial plumbing repair, commercial plumbing maintenance, and replacement services. That is why all our technicians are reliable with the right knowledge.

Commercial Plumbing Installation

Installation of commercial plumbing equipment requires specialized knowledge and tools for a perfect fit. Each kit has a different requirement of the facility and the building. That is why experienced people should be appointed for the work, and we have the most eligible crew for professional commercial plumbing. We offer services for newly constructed buildings as well as old buildings or houses in large or small areas. Whether if you need to update your system or lay down an entirely new base, we have got you covered. The piping and equipment we use are of high quality and standard and are applied or fixed in a fast time and professional ways. Our prices are reasonable, and our technicians are highly qualified as they work and educate themselves in a friendly and professional environment. Here at Lloyd’s, our plumbing products are not only easy to use but also provide practical methods to save electricity, water, and money.

Commercial Plumbing Repair

Apart from installation, we will repair any plumbing problem for you that will ease your way of handling stuff. Maintenance of any commercial plumbing issue can fix within a small time, and we take responsibility in taking our work to perfection. At Lloyd’s plumbing, we make sure that there is no compromise on quality and that we would be able to serve your commercial plumbing repair at any time any day of the week.

We offer regular commercial Plumbing Maintenance

Here at Lloyd’s Plumbing Services, we maintain a standard of our business and keep a staff of well trained, professional workers who enjoy their job and take it seriously. We are available for our customers during their time of need and do not receive a chance in their ease. Contact us whenever you feel like it, and we will help you with all your plumbing problems. Our experience has grown since the time of 50 years, and we take pride in our abilities and professional stance.

commercial plumbing repair

Commercial Plumbing Replacement Services

Need to replace a piece of equipment that would work according to modern needs? These days developments are made fast and newer products are being introduced for more comfortable use. Trust us with providing you with the possible equipment that would be easy to handle and feasible to use according to your needs.

24 Hour Emergency Plumber & Rooter

Why choose Lloyd’s plumbing as your certified Commercial Plumbing?

Emergency plumbing service

Lloyd’s Plumbing services are available over Ventura and Los Angeles County Areas at a 24-hour service available all week. Emergency services are available for residential areas as well as commercial areas in a fast time.

Available 24/7

A plumbing issue might arise anytime, that is why we have our services available for 24 hours a week.

Licensed and insured

Lloyd’s Plumbing Services is licensed and insured, and our technicians follow strict professionalism.

Well known reputation

We never upset our customers, and they know they can trust us in any plumbing problem. Our uniformed workers can be recognized anywhere, and we have the perfect tools to fix all your questions. At Lloyd’s, we work hard to put a smile on your face and to relieve you of any inconvenience.

Trusted and recommended for over 50 years

We provide the most effective and fast service plumbing in all of Ventura and Los Angeles County. We have been running this profession for more than 50 years, and everyone in town trusts us.