Gas Line Plumbing Services in Los Angeles County and Ventura County

Gas Line Repair Services In Los Angeles County and Ventura County
We have the privilege to serve Los Angeles County and Ventura County customers since 1965 by installing, replacement, repair, and maintenance of gas line plumbing services. Our Company had certification from HPCC and honored with Angie’s List Super Service Award 2014. We have the trained workforce and infrastructure to undertake any gas line plumbing job. We recommend using flexible carbon steel to transport natural gas from the main line to appliances to withstand worst conditions during element exposure and reduce the risk of a gas leak. The piping of Polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer, is often used to contain gas in the pipeline but not preferred for conveying gas. Copper piping is highly conductive, unflexible and more conducive to gas leaks and hence not recommended but we do provide it on specific demand of a customer. We prefer for safety and hassle-free plumbing jobs. Tracer wire is used with flexible carbon steel to inform the gas company during a gas leak. We take the help of evaluated compressors to test the pipelines for any gas leak.

Our team is certified & experienced professional plumbers and quote upfront fair and honest pricing. We dispatch our service trucks loaded with necessary materials required to attend Gas Line Repair, Gas Leak Repair& Gas Line Installation 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Our team wears shoe covers, uniform, and leaves your home neat and clean after finishing the work.

Our company has earned a brand name in the field of Gas Line Plumbing at fair and competitive prices.

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Why Gas Line Plumbing Service is Important

Natural gas is flammable and if mishandled may harm the inhabitants and property invariably. Untrained people should never handle gas Leak Repairs. The technicians must be expert in design & Gas Line Installation. Listed below are certain simple checks to detect the gas leak in the plumbing system;

By Smelling:

The gas companies are adding ‘rotten- egg’ smell in the natural gas so that inhabitants can feel it on the leak.


Near gas leak, the vegetation or flowers will be discolored or damaged.


Soil contains substances like sulfates causing erosion of aging gas lines buried underground in front of premises, leading to a gas leak. Customers, who can afford, always go for good quality materials followed by painting to withstand corrosion.

Settlement of building, in some cases, may also be the cause of damage to gas lines.


For Gas Leak Repairs in customer’s premises, you may call Lloyd’s Gas Line Plumber. He will ensure that the main valve is shut off and carry out the necessary repairs. Finally, after testing, the site will be cleaned to restore to its original.

Since, handling of natural gas is a specialized jog, therefore, to ensure the human safety and satisfactory functioning of appliances, gas line plumbing services, like Lloyd’s Plumbing, is essential.

Gas Plumbing Services

Lloyd’s Plumbing offers a complete line of gas-line plumbing services including Gas Line Repair, Gas Piping Installation, Emergency Gas Leak Repair, Gas Leak Detection and Maintenance Services.

Gas Line Repairs

It is common that plumbing systems will develop leakage/clogging etc. in pipes/valves in the process of their usage/aging leading to shut down of appliances and safety risks to workforce and property. Our team of master plumbers possesses the vast experience to detect the type of fault since Lloyd’s Plumbing has been dealing in gas plumbing business to the satisfaction of our esteemed customers successfully for the last 50 years. Our technicians will walk through the premises and explain the customer the exact solution to the problem, i.e., repair or replacement of gas lines/ other fixtures. We charge on job basis with the meager budget. Our technicians are clean-cut and respectable people. Our team will respect your house, and we restore it to clean position after repairs.

Whether you are looking for plumbing repair for residences or commercials, Lloyd’s Plumbing has all the expertise to help you by offering Gas Line Repair 24 hours a day, 365 days per year including any emergency services. You can rely on Lloyds Plumbing for any Gas Line Repair. You have to give us a call and rest is the duty of our team.

Gas Piping Installation and Replacement Services

Lloyd’s Plumbing, certified gas contractors, have trained and experienced professional in the handling of natural gas and Gas Line Installation. Our professionals will design the pipeline from the meter to your property to connect to your appliances such as; gas stove, Inside Firelogs, range or cooktop, water heaters, furnaces, outside gas grills, outdoor fire pits, pool heaters.

Gas Line Replacement

On the call, our expert plumber will walk through the premises and check the gas line and appliances and detect the source of the gas leak. He will explain the customer the plumbing solution whether it needs repair or replacement along with upfront fair and honest pricing cost and justification for the type of materials. Alternatives will be suggested wherever unavoidable given efficiency and safety measures. In some cases, alternatives become a necessity in gas lines buried underground and corroded due to the touch of soil.

Gas line upgradation

We will suggest our esteemed customers switch over to natural gas appliances being safer, moreover natural gas being eco-friendly, inexpensive and smart fuel source. How can a little natural gas be used for the vast amount of energy?

Gas Leak Detection and Maintenance

Some symptoms such as; sensing of unpleasant gas, discoloring of vegetation or flowers, condensation on pipelines or even ice formation can be sensed/identified by the resident. It can occur due to clogged gas lines, broken or lose fittings, weakened lines through corrosion /environment, hard/ cracked gaskets, curved lines, settlement of buildings, etc.

The experts in the field should only handle gas Leak Repair. The professional will quickly detect the cause of the gas leak and go for necessary repairs or replacements. Some gases do not produce an odor. In all cases, carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in premises to alert for a gas leak.

Note: If you sense any gas leak, you escape the premises immediately for a safe place without turning on any of the appliances, car, mobile and igniting matchbox since it can be dangerous or even fatal. Do n’t take the gas leak lightly. In case of a hole in mainline, call your local gas company at 911 and for the internal leak, call your trusted plumber.

We, Lloyd’s Plumbing, proud of its high-quality professional service, are here to help for Gas Leak Repair at reasonable rates. You can always trust our expert Gas Line Plumbers who provide long-lasting plumbing solutions.

Emergency Gas Leak Repair

Traditionally, the gas company adds ‘rotten egg’ smell to the natural gas. If you smell it, get out immediately and call Gas Company or call 911 stating emergency and call your trusted professional plumbers for Gas Leak Repair.

It is highly inadvisable to work on gas lines yourself. We, Lloyd’s Plumbing, highly professional and certified contractors, are here to help our customers even during any emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to detect gas leak and Gas Leak Repair. You call us for emergency service. We will be there fast no matter day or night to handle it safely and professionally.

Your Aging Gas Lines Need Professional Natural Gas Plumbers

Natural gas contains chemicals which may corrode/clog even inside of aging gas lines. Some soils/waters contain substances like sulfates which destroy the underground buried aging gas lines from outside. This corrosion of gas pipelines is generally checked by pipe fabricators who provide coatings and catholic protection treatments while fabrication of pipes. Even then in case corrosion of pipes, which happens typically with aging pipes and lead to gas leakage and malfunctioning of appliances, can be diagnosed by professional Natural Gas Line Plumbers like Lloyd’s Plumbing.

Certified Gas Plumbing Contractors

Lloyd’s Plumbing is a fully licensed (Lic # 502649), bonded and insured service and repair plumbing contractor. Lloyd’s Plumbing has received certification from HPCC and Angie’s List Super Service Award 2014. We are a third generation, family-owned business, and have been providing uncompromised Absolute Service to Ventura and Los Angeles communities since 1965 for over 50 years.

We have the skill and experience to properly size your gas line installations, which is especially important if you are remodeling, adding or upgrading fixtures.

  • Gas lines for BBQs, ourdoor fireplaces, firepits or patio heaters.
  • Gas lines for pool or spa equipment.
  • Gas lines for water heater relocation or tankless water heater installation.
  • Gas lines for clothes dryers.
  • Gas Line moves such as a kitchen remodel, moving cooktops, ovens, and ranges.
  • Gas line repairs and inspections.

We have the distinct pleasure of helping thousands of loyal residential customers, municipal agencies, school districts, housing authorities, as well as our local businesses and property management companies. Our Mission Statement is written on the principles of Honesty, Family, Integrity, and Innovation. We believe in providing the utmost professional, personable and positive experience to our Lloyd’s Customers and within our Lloyd’s Plumbing team We feel satisfied that we could meet out with the expectations of esteemed customers. We are providing high-quality plumbing for long-term peace of mind.

24 Hour Emergency Gas Line Repair Services

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Having in family-owned business since 1965, we believe in the integrity of relationship with our customers. We want you to have a seamless journey from the time you place a service order to our office, to the minute our plumbers finish the job. We always answer the phone, in person, and during our business hours, Monday through Saturday. Our teams of plumbers are certified, trained in niche plumbing, experienced professionals who genuinely care for your plumbing needs with efficiency, cleanliness, and explanation of diagnosis and work performed for you. We know plumbing emergencies occur at all hours and on weekends. We have an on-call plumber available for you, 24 hours a day, and 365 days per year. We continuously train and update our team on new inventions so that our customers get the benefit from it. In case, you partner with our company Lloyd’s plumbing, which has earned reputation in the gas line community being committed to quality work, for Gas Line Plumbing services, you will be proud of choosing a company that genuinely cares about customer satisfaction.