How Hydro Jet Cleaning Works

At some point, a homeowner will experience clogged or slow drains and sewers. Since we flush and pour dirty water down drains and sewers everyday, minerals, grease, and other debris build up in pipes over time. The conventional way of removing accumulated debris used to be by means of drain snakes, chemical products, plungers, and rooters. However, hydro jet technology is the most innovative and effective way to flush out your drains and sewers.

Hydro Jet Cleaning

The Hydro Jet Cleaning Procedure

Hydro jetting starts with a video inspection of the pipes and drains to determine the location of the blockage–as well as to make sure there are no damaged or broken pipes. Once the blockage is located and the pipes are deemed safe, the plumber will proceed to blast a jet of water into the pipes. The blast of water is delivered through a specialized nozzle typically between 3,000 to 8,000 psi, which is enough to remove any debris throughout your plumbing system. It will remove anything from residential plumbing such as food bits, mineral, hair, grease, and even more stubborn blockage–like tree roots that have intruded into the sewer line. The high pressure water breaks down the debris into smaller bits, then washes it down the line, thus completely eliminating the blockage.

Hydro jetting is akin to power washing when cleaning clogged and dirty pipes. While the typical hydro jet stream is between 3,000 and 8,000 psi, the machines that we use at Lloyd’s Plumbing can have streams as strong as 60,000 psi. We can set the hydro-jetting machine to the highest setting to clean the most stubborn debris, or we can set it at lower levels in the effort to protect fragile pipes that cannot handle high pressures.

What are the Advantages or Benefits of Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning?

Here are 6 Key Benefits of Hydro-Jet Cleaning your Sewer Lines and Drains.

  • » It’s Effective
  • » It Saves You Money
  • » It’s Sanitary
  • » It’s Environmentally-Friendly
  • » It’s Versatile
  • » Provides Excellent Preventative Maintenance

» Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning Can be Your Solution to a Clogged Drain

Hydro Jetting, sometimes called hydro-scrubbing, uses high-pressure water to clean out drains. Drain clogs are a problem for residential and commercial at some point. Materials get stuck in your sink, drains, toilets, showers, and the main sewer line which result in damage to your property. If your plunger won’t move the clog, and you need a professional plumber near you to solve this problem-just call Lloyd’s plumbing. Our professional plumbers will help you choose the hydro jetting method that is appropriate for your drain cleaning problem.

» Hydro Jetting – The Most Effective Ways To Clean Out Pipe Blockages

This is an alternative method to regular snaking or rooting in some cases. Hydrojetting uses very high-pressure water streams to cut through clogs and blockages in sewer drains, area yard drains, and storm drains. At approximately 3500 PSI, hydro jetting can cut through the toughest debris and stoppages and is frequently used in restaurants and commercial applications where grease, food waste, or industrial debris are present. Hydrojetting can also be effective in resolving odor issues in drains with heavy debris or grease build-up.

Why Call Lloyd’s Plumbing Sewer And Drain For Cleaner Drains?

Lloyd’s Plumbing is the premier yet affordable choice for all your hydro jet drain cleaning needs in Ventura and Los Angeles County. We do all types of plumbing from routine maintenance to replacements and new installations. Our expert plumbers are happy to handle new drain and sewer installations as well as any drainage blockage issues you may have.

  1. We have licensed plumbers with years of experience who have been working in Ventura and Los Angeles County for years and know all about the building codes.
  2. Our plumbers work efficiently and quickly to diagnose and fix your problems, so that you can go back to enjoying the benefits of modern plumbing on your property.
  3. We provide top-quality plumbing services for commercial and residential properties, and our hydro jetting equipment and certified professionals can deal with any type of job, big or small.
  4. Our number one priority is customer service, and we remain on standby 24/7 to serve you professionally and efficiently right from the moment we take your call.

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