Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Cost

How much will you pay for high-pressure drain cleaning?

A hydro jet drain cleaner will generally charge about $300 for the first hour and about $100 every hour after that. The plumber will take into account the costs of purchasing equipment and overall maintenance. Most hydro cleaning equipment will cost between $6,000 and $10,000. Nonetheless, since hydro cleaning is faster than other methods (such as the electric snake), our plumber will spend less time at your premises and hence it is possible that you will only have to pay the hydro jetting cost, which could be the first $300 just to get the job done.

At Lloyd’s Plumbing, we typically use video cameras to locate the blockage. which means that our plumbing technicians will likely find and diagnose all problems within your plumbing system. This will save you money since you can do preventative maintenance.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning ServicesWe offer this service for free even though you will have to pay the initial cost of finding the clog or blockage. While we could just hydro jet the entire system, it is always advisable to pay for the video camera inspection even if your local plumbing company charges extra for it. From a pre- and post-inspection, you can be certain that all clogs have been removed and also get to save money since the hydro cleaning will be completed faster. Moreover, CCTV cameras not only locate the source of a clog but also find:

  • » Tree root problems
  • » Joint failure
  • » Hair and grease blockages
  • » Rust
  • » Building debris

In essence, the camera is effective at finding almost any kind of problem that your sewers and drains may have. In combination with high-pressure drain cleaning, you will have a good idea about all of the problems in your system–in addition to having all of your clogs cleared.

Plumber and Plumbing Costs

Keep in mind that you will not only have to pay for the hydro jet cleaning when the plumber comes to check out and repair your system. If you have very few problems or only have a blockage, our plumbers may charge between $60 and $100 as a standard call-out rate. You will also have to pay the plumber their hourly/project rate that may be between $100 and $150 every hour they are onsite. If you have more than a blockage, you may have to pay: $60 to $120 to fix leaking toilets or faucets–or even $5,000 to $20,000 for replacing your entire drainage system.

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