Benefits of Hydro Cleaning

Hydro jet cleaning is a method that uses a high-pressure water jet of water to clean blockages and debris out of plumbing lines. A powerful enough hydro-jet can even break up tree roots that have invaded the pipe. Check out the following benefits of Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning.

» No. 1: It’s Effective

Hydro jet cleaning is one of the most effective ways to clean out different types of blockage in your drains and sewers. While conventional methods work well with a variety of clogs, none of them offer the same efficiency as hydro jetting. Hydro jetting removes all types of debris and build-up on the sides of the pipe and fully clears the line. Conventional techniques such as snaking or using a plunger will work but often times leave residue on the sides of the pipe, which will encourage build-up that will soon result in yet another clog. You do not have to worry about any residue when you use hydro jetting, as it will leave pipes clear of all debris.

» No. 2: It Saves You Money

Hydro jetting costs more money than your traditional methods such as chemical, rooter, or snaking. However, since it works better than these methods, you will not need to call a plumber for a long time after the procedure is completed. Unlike with other methods, your pipes will be left cleaner and completely debris-free for longer with hydro cleaning, thus eliminating the need for frequent maintenance and repair. Hydro jetting can reduce the need to clean your pipes by as much as four times. While you may have to clean your pipes as many as two times every year with conventional methods, hydro jetting increases the time between service and maintenance up to two or even four more years. Moreover, unlike traditional methods, hydro jetting is fast, which means you will pay less in labor compared to a method such as snaking. Given that most plumbers are paid by the hour or project, you will save quite a bit of money when you opt to hydro jet clean your drains and sewers.

» No. 3: It’s Sanitary

While you typically do not have to get dirty given that the plumber will be doing all the work, you still need to have sanitary conditions around the home. With conventional methods such as plunging and snaking, there is a high risk that sewage and debris will splatter and be spilled on your lawns, the floor, or other surfaces. With hydro cleaning, you don’t have to worry about contamination. The reason for this is that hydro jet thoroughly breaks down and expels debris into sewers, preventing any significant spillage or splattering.

» No. 4: It’s Environmentally-Friendly

While hydro jetting seems like it uses a lot of water, it really is more environmentally-friendly compared to all other methods. Unlike chemical treatments, rooting, or snaking in which you have to use a lot of water for clean-up afterwards, you don’t have to worry about using extra water after a hydro jetting treatment. Unlike chemical procedures that may contaminate water sources such as lakes, ponds, and rivers, hydro cleaning breaks down debris using mechanical methods. The small bits of build-up are flushed down the drain where they decompose naturally.

» No. 5: It’s Versatile

Hydro jetting is the most versatile drain and sewer cleaning technique that works not only for residential but also commercial premises. No matter the size of the job or the drains or pipes that need to be cleaned, hydro jetting is always up for the challenge. Whether you have a small grease or sludge build-up that could easily be cleaned via snaking, or you have tree roots that have invaded the city main sewer lines, hydro jetting is the most efficient and effective option on the market.

» No. 6: Provides Excellent Preventative Maintenance

Hydro jetting works to help you prevent any drain and plumbing problems in the future. Given how thorough the procedure is, your home will be a cleaner and more sanitary place that needs minimal maintenance. In fact, you can contract the services of a plumbing professional to perform the procedure before moving into a new building or home. The initial video inspection can inform you of any existing damage to pipes as well as debris or blockage, thus saving you a lot of money on future maintenance.

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