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Prep your Plumbing for the Holidays

Thanksgiving Dinner

Why Your Plumbing is at Greater Risk During the Holidays

With holiday guests over to visit, the holiday season can be rough on your plumbing. With more people using your hot water and toilets, problems are more likely to appear.

One of the primary ways to prevent these problems is to educate your guests. If you have kids helping with the cooking, warn them of items that shouldn’t go down the garbage disposal like potato peels or celery. Let your guests know if you use a low flow toilet that may not flush as strongly as they are used to. Additionally, if you have family in from out of town, communicate things like when they should run the shower to prevent hot water issues.

What You Can Do Now to Prevent Holiday Plumbing Problems

Preventive Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning can eradicate clogs, but you don’t have to wait until your water is completely blocked before you schedule a drain cleaning. Clogs are usually built up over time through mineral deposits or small objects getting caught. You may not realize, but a hydrojetting will clear all of that build up completely.

In this way, a drain cleaning can buy your pipes added time to get through the holiday season and prevent an issue from popping up on Thanksgiving or Christmas when you have the whole family over.

Stormwater Drains

Of course, we all know how dry Southern California is, but we still have a rainy winter season that can get pretty intense some years. That means there’s a risk for floods. After the recent fires, there is an even higher risk of flash flooding in particular. Part of preparing for the winter is preparing for possible floods because you never know what year you and your family may be affected.

The best way to help your property in the event of a flood is to install stormwater drains around your property that can divert water from your house and prevent flood damage.

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