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Do I Need a Bathtub With My Shower?

A bathroom with a porcelain sink, mirror, and bath shower combo

Weighing the Options

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or want to make some small upgrades, you may be rethinking your shower or bath setup. Unless you’ve created something unique, there are generally four options: shower-only, bath-only, bath/shower combo, or both a bath and a shower, separated.

Many American homes have taken advantage of the combo option, which is a space-saver and economic choice. It allows the best of both worlds – a bath and a shower to use whenever you’d like.

We’re going to take a look at bath/shower combos and when they are the right choice for your bathroom.

Think About What You Want

If having both of these options is a deal-breaker for you, then this is a much shorter conversation. You’ll either need the space for both a bath and shower, or you’ll need a combo. Plus, a combo allows you to quickly switch between bath and shower features.

If you’re not sure what you want, think about your lifestyle. Do you have small children? They are likely easier to bathe in a bath versus a shower. Are your kids out of the house or do you not have any kids? You may still want a bath in which to relax once in a while. Or you may hate baths, and therefore you’d only need a shower.

Figuring out your bathing habits and how you see them moving forward will be the main driving force behind your choice. Remember, you can’t just keep moving around your bath and shower whenever you want!

Space and Budget are Important

Do you have the space for a bath? Do you have even more space to have a bath and shower be separate? This is perhaps the most important factor to consider. Likewise, a bath/shower combo is usually a more affordable option compared to two separate bathing areas.

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