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4 Design Tips for Your Small Bathroom

A bright bathroom with a mirror, sink, vanity, shower and window.

Make Your Small Bathroom Work

Whether your small bathroom is reserved for guests or you want it to feel homier, you can make small adjustments that make a small space seem larger. Even if your area is limited, you can have modern designs and functional space that works for you.

1. Use Mirrors

Mirrors don’t only help you look your best, but they can alter the feeling of a bathroom when placed in the right spot.

For a truly expansive look, try turning an entire wall into mirrors. Whether it’s one big wall mirror or several mirrors that come together, this can create an illusion of extra space. Similarly, placing multiple mirrors in certain spots can help create the illusion of more space. A lot of your options depend on the size and layout of the bathroom.

2. Change Out the Door

Your typical door will open into the bathroom, meaning the space behind the door is virtually useless. To maximize the space, try changing the door to a sliding door, hanging beads, or a curtain. This allows privacy while also reducing wasted space.

3. Reduce Size When Possible

If you don’t need something or don’t need it to be so large, consider transitioning to something smaller. A vanity is an excellent example of furniture that can be bulky or take up a lot of space. If you can find alternate storage options, removing the vanity and opting for a hanging sink will significantly open up the bathroom.

You can also try switching to a hanging toilet, which will open up space on the floor. Hanging toilets attach to the wall with no bottom. Even moving the toilet back or over to reduce dead space can help create room for you.

4. Get the Right Lighting

Get bright lights and put them strategically in places that will accent the different areas of your bathroom. If you can, get lights that can be dimmed rather than switched on and off. This gives you more control over the room’s ambiance. You could also invest in smart lighting to get the ultimate control over the bathroom lighting.

Get Your Perfect Bathroom

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